Write to the Premier and ask him to say no to Subsea 7

A new science review shows Exmouth Gulf has remarkable levels of biodiversity. 

It highlights just how inappropriate Subsea 7’s pipeline proposal at Heron Point really is. And it begs the question – why is a gas pipeline project even being suggested for this area?

Tell the Premier that Exmouth Gulf is too precious to be surrendered to Subsea 7.

Ask him to put environmental values first at Exmouth Gulf and say no to this destructive project.


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  • Exmouth Gulf is an ecosystem of extraordinary biodiversity
  • The IUCN says it has World Heritage values
  • Since 1974, scientists and agencies have been calling for its protection, but no government has acted to save it
  • The Gulf deserves the highest possible protection because it 
    • is the nursery system for World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef
    • is home to numerous endangered species, including sawfish, sea snakes, sea turtles and dolphins
    • is the most important nursing area for humpback whales on the WA coast
    • is home to one of the last stable populations of dugongs
    • is home to 1800 species of fauna, including 790 species of fish
    • is an extraordinary wilderness area with enormous potential for nature-based tourism, marine studies and indigenous tourism
    • is an important recreational fishery
    • its fish, prawns, crabs, manta rays and whale sharks support Ningaloo’s tourism economy
    • has untapped tourism potential that can only be secured by high conservation protection
  • Subsea 7’s plan to tow gas pipelines through the Gulf and over Ningaloo Reef World Heritage Area is completely incompatible with the conservation values of Exmouth Gulf
  • Exmouth Gulf should not be subject to industrial development
  • We need to leave something to our kids
  • Ningaloo is an iconic place, and to keep it healthy we need Ningaloo’s Nursery to stay healthy