Write to the WA Government and ask it to say NO to Subsea 7

Scientific surveys show Exmouth Gulf has remarkable levels of biodiversity, highlighting just how inappropriate Subsea 7’s huge pipeline fabrication proposal really is. And it begs the question: Why is an oil and gas pipeline project even being considered for this incredible area?

We understand that this is a deeply challenging time for the whole community as it responds to COVID-19 but we also know that the environmental impact assessment for Subsea 7 continues on. Therefore, we also need to continue to help the Government know that the vast bulk of the community supports it doing the right thing by Ningaloo-Exmouth Gulf, for the long-term.  

Please tell the WA Government that Exmouth Gulf is too precious to be surrendered to Subsea 7. 

Ask the WA  Government to put environmental values first at Exmouth Gulf and say no to this destructive project and yes to a healthy future for Ningaloo–Exmouth Gulf!



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